Creations / Shows
Attached to the traditions and and get away from them at the same time is what Svarupaya is aiming to, creating a danced musical artistic form.
Artists origines and personalities are questioning each other and mixing into a dialogue.
Along with the music of the sitar and percussions, Jyotsna Liyanaratne propose a choreography where she uses the forces of the ritual, circle, dances in the traditions she explored.
The classicism confronts itself to the present time and the improvisations.
Savarupaya ( ස්වරූපය ) : singhalese word, its sanscrit root Svarupa ( स्वरूप sva-rūpa )means:  in its own form, the essence of its nature.

Choreographer – Dancer : Jyotsna Liyanaratne
Sitar : Denis Teste
Mridangam : Venkat Krishnan
Tabla : Farukh Hussain
Sound et Light : Frédéric Evrard
Date of creation : 2018

Filmed in the theatre  of Cie Jolie Môme, Saint-Denis.
Production : Eyes Wide Prod
Film and photos : Hugues Anhes

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