SVARUPAYA invites the spectator to share a common experience, stepping into a new world, through the intimacy of a ritual.

The artists interpret a classical Hindustani raga (which traditionally is not danced); playing with a dialogue between the past and the present, secular and sacred art.
Accompanied by the music of the sitar and percussions instruments, Jyotsna Liyanaratne presents an original choreography inspired by the traditions she has explored. She invokes the first breath, the silence and the rhythms born in the time of our ancestors.

Savarupaya ( ස්වරූපය ) : singhalese word, its sanscrit root Svarupa ( स्वरूप sva-rūpa )means:  in its own form, the essence of its nature.

Choreographer – Dancer : Jyotsna Liyanaratne
Sitar : Denis Teste
Mridangam : Venkat Krishnan
Tabla : Farukh Hussain
Sound et Light : Frédéric Evrard
Date of creation : 2018

Filmed in the theatre  of Cie Jolie Môme, Saint-Denis.
Production : Eyes Wide Prod
Film and photos : Hugues Anhes

2019 © Cie Souffle de Danse

2019-02-01 Svarupaya La Plaine - Saint Denis
2018-11-30 Savrupaya Paris